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Many parents like to show our


to their kids before coming !

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Fort Canning : 170 River Valley Road, Singapore 179038

Sentosa: 120 Tanjong Beach Walk, 098942

You can drop the kids off anytime between 9am and  9.30am.

The activities start at 9.30am. The team is there from 9am.

You can type KidsCamp Singapore directly in taxi apps or GoogleMaps.

You can park directly at the Meeting Point

Fort Canning Meeting Point is at the exit B of Fort Canning Station (Downtown Line)

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A typical day revolves around 3 main activities between 9.30am and 2.45pm.

We have a Montessori methodology: we decide on activities / pods with the kids. We don't have a fixed program and listen to what the kids want. Kids can navigate freely between the pods. We often ask kids what activities they prefer and design the different pods following their wishes.

For Sentosa, we go into the very shallow part of the water. Please send us a message (in the registration or. WhatsApp) if you don't want  your kid(s) to go.

Most popular activities are:



Face Painting



Bull Rush

Treasure Hunt

Obstacle Run

Tug of war

Sac Run

9.30 am


9.45 am

10.45 am

Morning Break

11 am

12 pm

Lunch Break

1.15 pm

2.30 pm


2.45 pm

End of activities




We offer a shirt with your kid's name if:

- he/she stays at least a full week

- and full payment is received by Tuesday morning

Kindly note it is one shirt per holidays, and not per week.


We will create a WhatsApp group a few days before to share the live feed with you (videos / photos).

(Please send us a message if you were not added on the WhatsApp group 2 days before.)

  • Lunch

    What ever you want as long as your child eats it

  • Snacks

    They tend to get more hungry with all the activities 

  • Water

    Ideally at least 2L of water, half Frozen

  • Cap

    Highly recommended


  • Sunscreen

    Please put a lot before they arrive. We will put more later

  • Mosquito Repellent

    Not mandatory

  • A swimsuit, a second shirt, shorts, socks

    Just in case we do water battles or go to the shallow pool



All our Coaches are Passionate and Caring


They create a Family vibe in a Safe and Fun environment


Price is $450 per week (Monday to Friday).

Terms and Conditions

Following the implementation of Phase 2, we are happy to reopen and welcome your kids again from 19th June 2020 onwards. However based on the latest Advisory issued by Sport Sg on 17 June 2020 and in the interest of kids, our maximum capacity will be capped up to 50 kids per day and we are required to form different groups of 5 kids max with one coach (with no interaction with other groups) until further instructions from the authorities.

We will only be able to accept bookings for the whole week (i.e. 5 days per week) in order to maintain the same groups of 5 kids per week;

Due to the higher coach per kids ratio required, our price will be increased from SGD350 to SGD450 per week. We will of course come back to our initial price once the above restrictions are lifted;

More information on the Safe Management Measures taken by KidsCampSingapore here.

We prefer not to accept advance payment as parents often amend dates. We prefer to give that flexibility.

You can pay at check-in on the first day in cash (We don't have a credit card system) or transfer (if done 3 business days before).




In case of rain, we have sheltered spaces where we can have plenty of fun activities!

Click below for FAQs:

Contact us: 

Sales: +65 8921 6485

Papé : +65 8262 3892

Availabilities :


Open every week (all year round)

Monday - Friday : 9 am - 3 pm

Week-end : Dedicated to Birthdays