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What is the main language used at KidsCamp?

Most of our coaches speak both English and French.

During the French and Canadian school holidays, we do the KidsCamp in both English and French.

Otherwise fully in English.

Is there a sheltered space? Do you cancel in case it rains?

In case it rains, we have a sheltered space where we can hold many fun activities that kids love! They can also leave their bags and have lunch in that space. We never cancel.


Do you provide transportation?

For insurance and liability reasons, we don’t provide transportation.

Before each camp, we create a whatsapp group with all the parents. Parents do help each other out a lot, sharing rides.


When can we come in the morning?

The activities start at 9.30am, but we welcome kids from 9am at the meeting point. The pick-up point is the same as meeting point at 2.45pm (74 River Valley, next to Fabulous Baker Boy).


Will my kids be in the same age group?

We love the “One Big Family” spirit where older kids help out the younger kids.

Before each activity slot, we suggest 3 activities, one tends to be more for the 3-5 years old. Each kid has the choice and can decide his or her favorite. Each kid can decide (or not) to be in the same activity as siblings or friends.


From what age kids can join KidsCampSingapore?

From 3.5 years old, as long as potty trained.

What is the program? Do you change activities change every day?

We have a Montessori methodology with no fixed program. Every day, we decide activities based on what kids want. Several activities are organized for a time slot and your kid will be able to navigate freely between the different pods. Some of the popular activities include archery, bull rush, treasure hunt, obstacle run, sack run, tug of war, football, rugby..

Do you provide sibling discounts?

Apologies no discount as we prefer the right price vs discount schemes.

Best value for money vs comp: 
✅ we are half the price compared to competition


And best camp:
✅ voted best Singapore camp by SassyMama 
✅ best paid coaches
✅ best kids/coaches ratio

Do we have to provide a lunchbox? What to put in their bag please?

Yes indeed, you have to put a lunchbox in their bag(s), with water, snacks, sunscreen, mosquito repellent, a towel and change of clothes (just in case).

I heard kids could receive a shirt with their names, is that correct?

As a gift, your kid(s) will receive a shirt with his/her name, if:
- he/she stays the week during the holidays
- the payment of the 5 days (or more) is paid before Tuesday morning
We offer only one shirt per school holidays.


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