Safe Management Measures

Following the implementation of Phase 2, we are happy to reopen and welcome your kids again from 19th June 2020 onwards. However based on the latest Advisory issued by Sport Sg on 17 June 2020 and in the interest of kids, our maximum capacity will be capped up to 50 kids per day and we are required to form different groups of 5 kids max with one coach (with no interaction with other groups) until further instructions from the authorities. Therefore, we seek your understanding with regards to the following changes that will be of immediate effect and will continue until the authorities ease the above restrictions:

- we will only be able to accept bookings for the whole week (i.e. 5 days per week) in order to maintain the same groups of 5 kids per week;

- our booking system will only accept up to 50 kids per week and any additional booking will be placed on the waiting list and you will get notified accordingly. Our booking system will need to be adjusted in the next few days to change our cap (please bear with us). Hence, we recommend that you make booking in advance. Also, please note that any booking once accepted shall not be cancelled without a prior notice of at least 2 working days before the start of the relevant week as this will leave one empty space that another kid could take;

- due to the higher coach per kids ratio required, our price will be increased from SGD350 to SGD450 per week. We will of course come back to our initial price once the above restrictions are lifted;

Thanks understanding and cooperation

Based on the Advisory for resumption of sport and physical exercises and activities for phase 2 issued by Sport Sg on 17 June 2020,  we have implemented the following measures:

 - Mr Mbaye Pape (CEO) is appointed as Safe Management Officer for Fort Canning and is reachable at + 65 8262 3892.   Mr Jean-Marc Klecha is now appointed as Safe Management Officer for Sentosa and is reachable at + 65 8654 2358.

 - temperature screening will be conducted on all kids upon arrival every day and any kid with 38 or more and/or who appear unwell will not be accepted and we will keep records of such health data for the purpose of audit by the competent authorities;

- the week before KidsCamp, you will be required to complete the following questionnaire.

 - all kids will be required to register with Safe Entry upon their arrival and, therefore, the parents shall Ensure that their kid(s) bring(s) their pass along with them Everyday

- kids will be required to wear masks at all times during the kidscamp, except when eating and drinking and when they are performing strenuous activities. 

- all sport items/tools will be regularly disinfected using anti-bacterial wipes

- the coaches will ensure that the kids are washing their hands regularly 

- until the authorities instruct otherwise, our maximum capacity will be capped at 50 kids per day and we will form group of 5 kids with one coach and ensure that there will be no interaction between the groups and three meters distance between each group

When ?

Monday to Friday

9 am to 3 pm

All year

Where ?

Fort Canning Park

How Much ?

Fort Canning: $450 per week

For Who ?

Kids from

11 to 18 years old

Contact us: 

Sales : + 65 8921 6485

Papé : + 65 8262 3892

Availabilities :


Monday - Friday : 9 am - 3 pm

Week-end : Dedicated to Birthdays

170 River Valley Rd,

Fort Canning, SINGAPORE

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