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Kids born after 1987 shouldn't have survived

Updated: Sep 24, 2019

Kids in 2017 don't have much in common with kids in 1987. In thirty years, everything has changed. The environment is not the same, the games are not the same, the freedoms are not the same. Indeed, kids have lost in autonomy, and this is what Stev Macott regrets more than anything else. His facebook rant got 60,000 reactions globally in 5 days only! Apparently many seem to share his view!

Those of you who are born before the 90ies will recognize themselves in this post describing kids in the « old days ». A time when there was only one screen at home (the TV screen), a time when mobile phones didn't exist, and when, to talk to each other, you had to meet, and leave your couch... A time when kids were much more active and free...

Facebook post from Stev Macott:



According to many specialists, all the kids born in the 50ies, 60ies, 70ies and even 80ies until 1987, shouldn't have survived.

Our beds were multicolour with paints that had lead or other toxic products. There was no child safety or wardrobes ou medecine bottles. We were drinking water directly at the water hose, not from a sterile bottle. We were eating cakes, bread and butter. We were drinking sodas full of sugar. But, we were not overweight because we were always playing outside.

We were leaving the house in the morning and were spending the full day outside, so much so that we came back home when the lights from the lampposts were switching on. Nobody could reach us, and this, for the whole day. Smartphones? We didnt even have a cellular! No Playstation, no Xbox, no hundreds of TV channels, no laptop, no tablet. Our Facebook was really a face and a book. We had friends. We had to go outside to find them. We played with a ball and we could get hurt.

We fell from a tree, we got a cut, we broke a teeth, but there was no follow up from these incidents. Nobody was responsible except ourselves. We had fights, we were punching each other, we had a black eye but we learned to overcome all this.

We were making up games with sticks and balls. We could just go to a friends place walking or riding our bike, even if he/she lived kilometers away, knock on his/her door or simply get into his/her house and invite him/her to play with us.

We had selection trials. And not everyone could be part of the team. Those who were not picked had to learn to manage their disappointment. Some students were not as good, couldn't pass an exam and had to repeat the same school year. The tests were not adjusted to anyone, whatever the reason may be. We were responsible of our own actions. We knew the consequences. Parents who would get us out of trouble if we had done something wrong at school or towards the law? This has never been heard of! They were always on the school or laws side! Imagine that!

We have become adults able to take risks, inventors, entrepreneurs. We had freedom, failure, success and responsibilities. We have learned to manage all this!

Younger people, be inspired by this.


Of course, many will find this « good old days » syndrome a bit extreme. The progress of society has for example brought many sanitary norms that have saved many children lives.

But there is a fundamental truth in this post: technology is preventing our kids from being as active as we used to. They miss many many experiences that were so joyfully unexpected...

This is why this rant became so viral. No, it was not « better before » . But let's be honest, from a certain point of view, it was not bad at all!

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